Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sweet Dreams

I can say this is where we have sweet dreams

But I will tell you how it is
This is our bedroom
And this is where we pass out

You might not believe it
But I bought this bed flame from a young firefighter who was moving to east coast
No, he was not married
It. was. his. bed flame.

It was brown and only $50
So sanding and painting did its job
The old wooden windows?

I saw them tossed on a front yard of a house by my kids' school

They were remodeling and they wanted something modern
I am always redecorating and I wanted something old

So I got them all
For free
I love romantic style

But if I do ruffles and flower patterns
My husband might feel the need for some counseling
To deal with all the girls and ruffles and flower patterns

So I try to keep things simple

To show my love
And appreciation

Because we have life time ahead of us
To do more projects I have accumulated in our garage


  1. Nice blog with brilliant interior accessory, bright blue sky, and sweet children!

    I've joined you with Google Friends Connect.

    My blog: How Far We've Come

  2. I love your bedroom! I'm glad your husband found my blog and told I found you!