Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hello, Hello, Spring!

Hello, Spring!!

Now that sunshine is finally here
I want to share what I got for Valentine's day
....For myself ;)

I got a silver tea pot
So that I can get up 15 minutes earlier
And make a good cup of tea or coffee
To share every morning with my lovely husband :)
Life with three kids
Is hectic

And I have realized we all have been serving our own breakfast
And rushing out the door
And me...
Some days, I am driving in my pajama
Which no one knows...yet ;)

So a beautiful silver tea pot came to my life
To change my way
To let me enjoy small moments a little more

Sitting and sharing good cups of coffee
Is better than going to Starbucks

Do you have any new routine for small moments of happiness?

Happy Wednesday!

And have a wonderful afternoon!