Friday, December 4, 2009

Prepping For Friday Night Dinner

Just a peek...

Prepping for Friday night dinner...
With a special guest...

I am not cooking tonight
So I am lighting candles instead

Wish you a wonderful night!!

Advent Wreath

I saw an article of a Swedish holiday decoration
And the home had an Advent wreath with candles hanging above dining table
And then I saw some more Advent wreath
Hanging over dining area like a chandelier
In many blogs from Sweden
So I thought I might be able to make one for our house :)
But then encountered a problem....

If I stick candle sticks like the ones I saw
I might start fire...

So I went to get some tea candles
To place on the wreath
All the material here came from Michael's

Did you go there this holiday season?
All beautiful Christmas decorations are now 50% off
So I picked some for this wreath

And I am thinking about getting a very small Christmas tree (a real one)
So I can use Christmas cookie cutters
And bake cookies to decorate the tree

I am so~ enjoying to see all the Christmas decorations in many blogs :)

Happy Friday
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Everyone has at least one person who inspires them
Mine lives in Japan
And she turned her new house into this
She distressed wood and aged them outside
And used them inside her newly built house
To give character
I am a big fan of old house
And never thought a newly built house can be this charming


I have a new Christmas lighting project
That I am hoping to share with you soon

Til then...
Stay warm :)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Remember Those Doors?

Remember when I bought 2 doors for $20 from my neighbor?
The two unfinished over sized doors
That made me look crazy to that someone's eyes?
Well, I finished them!!!!
I layered many paints and dark stains to make it look antique
And added a huge mirror that has been sitting in our garage
To make one of the doors into a trumeau mirror for our living room

And the other door
Which is a double glassed door
Turned into a room divider
Because our old cottage is like many other old house
That doesn't have a foyer
And when you walk into our house
It is just one open space

So I used it to divide our living room from the door way
Without completely blocking out the natural light

So when I finally finished
I earned my right to tell that special someone

Ha! Ha!
See? I wasn't crazy :) :)

I am just a little frugal and handy
Which makes him a very lucky husband ;)

Happy Monday!!!

Hello, Christmas Tree

We've been waiting for you
The time with a tree with lights
This is our new tree
White tree
With white, green and silver ornaments

But if I leave it to girls to decorate
And go to do dish washing
They might add something green to the Christmas tree
While I am not there

Something green like this
Comes out from girl's room
That naughty green one

I didn't take many pictures
But it is quite pretty at night
I will wait to take more pictures after dark
To share with you some other time :)

Did you get your tree yet?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Morning

We've been having very warm Thanksgiving weekend
So first thing to do today was
Going to the beach
And just have fun :)

We'll decorate the tree tonight
So I'll share that with you tomorrow...

Have a wonderful Sunday!!