Monday, October 5, 2009

Dreaming About India

I am dreaming about India ever since I came across a beautiful blog by Rajee

All of her photos are breathtaking
They remind me of the beauty of India
I traveled to India with my mom and my sister 22 years ago

My mom loved traveling
She went to Nepal when she was 18 after she got her first paycheck
Ever since, she fell in love with Asia and took us to many countries when we were little
My very last trip to Asia was India before I came to the US
I thought India was so beautiful
All the chaos and business of big cities accentuated the beauty of many historical sites

As if time stood still
As if all the noise turned to mute
It is one place I wish I can take my children someday

Just like my mom did 22 years ago

Picture 2,3,4 from
Picture 5 source unknown

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  1. Hi Nozomi,
    Thankyou so much for this post ... I am really touched ... though I have to say the first and fourth pictures are not mine but duely credited on my blog... the others... yes, are definitely my photography.Would hate to take credit for someone elses great work ... :)
    I am so glad you loved my blog ... your nostalgic memories of India are wonderful ... truly hope your wish to bring your children to India comes true ... once again thanks Nozomi... :)