Thursday, October 8, 2009

Brown Christmas

We have pulled out our sweaters and coats a few days ago
Because fall has arrived in California

No more "Damn, Southern California's gorgeous weather!!!"
Because it has finally arrived

Cold weather made me buy a new pair of brown leather boots yesterday
Because my poor toes told me to
And I am in love with the idea of stimulating our economy
When fall arrives, it is time for me to think of Christmas

Because I was not born here
I was born in Japan
Where they didn't do Halloween and Thanksgiving when I was little

So I can hand all those responsibilities to my lovely husband

Just because....he was born here
And cooking turkey traumatizes me
By reminding me of my biology class

I am dreaming of a brown Christmas
Brown, Green, Ivory and Silver Christmas

Because I have no other responsibilities

Other than start thinking about Christmas decoration :)

(Bottom 3 pictures from Country Living Magazine)

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