Saturday, March 27, 2010

Girly Hair Pins

Hello, Saturday!
I am having a lazy Saturday today :)
I have been making hair pins for the little one
Because she got short hair
And I love girly hair pins on short hair girls...
...Found beautiful inspirations from
If you haven't visited
Etsy is a site where creative people can sell their creations
And vintage items
And there are many beautiful creations
Happy Staurday!!
Wishing you a great weekend :)
(Images from

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mamas And Papas

Hello, everyone!!
How was your weekend?
We had a longer and colder winter this year
So we went out and planted some flowers

And we run to Target
Because I had an important mission

I went to get pretty clothes for our girls
Because Liberty of London for Target arrived :)

I love pretty
Especially when they are reasonably priced ;)

I also found a special brand called
Mamas and Papas from England

Super cute
And really reasonable

This made me think of stopping over in London for my upcoming trip to France
..Only for a moment
..Because scaring husband won't be a good thing to do :)
But if you live there
Or have a plan to go there

They have super cute clothing at Target price
For babies, kids, and expecting moms
And their beautiful furniture

Happy Monday..
Wishing you a super happy week!!

(Images from

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lauren Ross Design

Good Morning!
Did you have a good morning?
I over slept this morning
And a day like this
I happened to find out there is nothing in my refrigerator...
And my mini me
Slept in my car while I drove to a bakery to school to home
Oh I wished I was her this morning ;)
I wanted to share some pictures
Of a home of Lauren Ross today
A interior designer
And a creator of a fabulous slip cover company
Oh, it looks so peaceful...
And gorgeous...
Happy Tuesday

Hope your day is filled with many many smiles!

(Images from Country Living Magazine)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Around The Corner

I don't know about you
But I am so ready for spring
And sunshine
And some warm sun
I can feel
It's almost there
Just around the corner

For us to enjoy
Have a wonderful Sunday!!
Wishing you a warm one :)

(Images from Country Living Magazine)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Urban Farmhouse Style

Maison Reve

In San Francisco Bay area is one shop

That I would love to stop by

The owner of the shop

Yasmine McGrane's French-inspired products new and old
Beautifully brings out the magic

The magic that can make home an oh-so-special place

Some people have an invisible magic wand

I think

....A magic wand of beauty

Do you have any favorite shop?
Or a hidden spot to share?

Happy Friday (...finally!!!)

Wish you a wonderful weekend :)

(Images from Yasmine McGrane's blogspot)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Little Things

Did you have a wonderful weekend?
I did :)
It is finally warm enough
So I spent Sunday doing spring cleaning
Do you like little things?
I love little things
Little furniture, little clothes, little everything
There is something nostalgic about them

I found some of those little things
That are handmade
And cute
And looks easy to make ;)

Have you done little projects lately?
Happy Monday!!!

(Images from LEE Magazine)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Jasna Janekovic Design

I want to share a sweet find today
Have you heard of a designer named Jasna Janekovic?

Her design makes me long for a warm spring weather
And some sweets :)

Her home is equally pretty
Like a blooming flowers in the Spring

Happy Friday!!
And wishing you a warm weekend :)

(Images from Flicker/Jasna Janekovic)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Girls' Day

We are celebrating girls' day today

We have decorated our house a few weeks ago
With Japanese dolls depicting a wedding of prince and princess
With ladies in waiting, musicians, new furniture for princess, and princess's carriage
Parents started ordering those dolls for their daughters many centuries ago
Hoping their girls will find a wonderful match and happiness in their marriage
Isn't it wonderful?

We women have more options today
But I still hope our girls find great partners
And happiness

For me
Today is a day of cooking :)

Making sushi
And many desserts

And one more important agenda of the day
I am giving hair cut to that little one
Who has been cutting her own hair in closet since she found out how fun it is to use scissors

And now she has short hair around her face
But she couldn't reach the back
So she ended up having that 80's hair style

She has short hair from the front
But long hair from the back
... She just needs mustache
...And a truck to drive :)
Can't wait to share our girls day with you tomorrow

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

(Image 1 from Better Homes and Garden; Images 2 & 4; Victoria Magazine; Images 3 & 5 from Country Living)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Romantic Homes

Good Morning!

I was reading Romantic Homes magazine
And wanted to share some of the pictures
Of a home near the village of Cognac, France

Don't we all love old house :)

Me...easily influenced and always redoing rooms

Just changed our dining table for breakfast
To cheerful red and white
After seeing this one last night :)

And rooms like this makes me happy
That I have three children ;)
Did you have a wonderful breakfast?

Wishing you good weather where ever you are
So you can take a nice walk
And taste fresh air :)

Happy Tuesday!!!

(Images from Romantic Homes Magazine)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dinner At American Girl Place

We had a dinner at a restaurant in American Girl Place
Because my sweet middle child is turning 8 :)
Our girls have dolls from American Girl
So we went and ate

And our girls brought one extra boy doll
Just for daddy
So that he won't feel sad
Not having his own doll to feed :)

And he won't feel sad
Not having a doll to hold while strolling at the mall

Girls....are kind creatures
...Sometimes too kind
It makes him wanting to cry
...For holding the doll while shopping ;)

At the end of the dinner
We got a heart shaped cake
A star shaped cookie
And a chocolate pudding
A very sweet day

Happy Birthday, my pumpkin!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hello, Hello, Spring!

Hello, Spring!!

Now that sunshine is finally here
I want to share what I got for Valentine's day
....For myself ;)

I got a silver tea pot
So that I can get up 15 minutes earlier
And make a good cup of tea or coffee
To share every morning with my lovely husband :)
Life with three kids
Is hectic

And I have realized we all have been serving our own breakfast
And rushing out the door
And me...
Some days, I am driving in my pajama
Which no one knows...yet ;)

So a beautiful silver tea pot came to my life
To change my way
To let me enjoy small moments a little more

Sitting and sharing good cups of coffee
Is better than going to Starbucks

Do you have any new routine for small moments of happiness?

Happy Wednesday!

And have a wonderful afternoon!