Friday, October 9, 2009

Mon Unique

I have a confession to make
I was struck by the beauty of Elin's turn of the century apartment in Sweden
And spending a lot of time looking at her equally beautiful blog

Her gorgeous apartment is filled with white, gold and grey
And everything else that make me go
Which is also making me want to put all the blues away in our house
Until they are allowed to come out again
And start decorating our house just like Elin
With beautiful white, gold and grey
And everything antique, Swedish and French

My husband told me he needs to lose some weight
And I am thinking
He might need some new projects to lose that weight
Elin's blog talks about how to antique paint furniture
And thoughtful Elin put google translate
So someone like him
Who doesn't read Swedish cannot get away from a new project
Because his lovely wife fell in love with Elin's apartment
Elin's beautiful apartment half way around the world
Will help my husband lose some weight
And make his lovely wife happy and thankful

To have found such a beautiful blog
And to have such a hardworking husband :)

(All photos from Elin's blog

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