Saturday, November 7, 2009


We went to Hollywood Riviera for a stroll
Saw some new stores :)
And went into a cafe
Lauren had an adult size sandwich

When she finished
Her lovely father asked her for her bacon
And with the speed I haven't seen
She shoved all the bacon into her mouth :)
....She is not good at sharing food
....Just. like. me. :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Magic Number

I used to think 4 will be my magic number

That magic number had always been 3
Because I was one of 3 sisters
And that was my world
Two sisters to rely on
And fight with
Until I lost my oldest sister 8 years ago
And suddenly
2 seemed such a lonely number
Just me and one more sister
On the other side of the Pacific Ocean
And just like people long ago
I felt the fear
And faced a reality
That nothing in life is certain

And my magic number turned 4
Instead 3
But something changed
After a devastating loss
And loneliness

I felt sense of power
That even with the unbelievable loss
I am still here
And I knew I can survive anything

Even with the temptation of doing one more kid's room :)
I know
My journey will be with those 3 children
3 children who argue, cry and laugh together
Just like me and my sisters

Life is not perfect :(
But happiness is all around
Sometimes it likes to hide
But we just have to keep on looking :)

Happy Friday!!!
And wish you a VERY happy weekend :)

(images from Cookie Magazine)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vintage Fabrics

I was reading a book this morning
With my cup of tea
And came across pictures of a house in Hungary
I am into vintage fabrics
And heard about the cuteness of Hungarian vintage fabrics
That they have such a pretty patterns
And embroidery
And when I see a house in a tiny Hungarian village
I know why they have such a pretty fabrics
Because pretty patterns and colors are everywhere
So if you go to Europe
Make sure to look for vintage Hungarian fabrics
They. are. fabulously. pretty.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Very Happy Farmer Girl

Do you ever think
What if?
Well, I do
I am living a very different life from my childhood friends
So I think what if sometimes
There is a girl from my hometown
Who is same age as me
Who got married to a farmer in rural area of Japan
She lives in a cold place
With lots of snow during winter

And I thought I can never be a farmer
But then I see

She created a cafe in her farm
And a shop for pottery
And an organic market
And organized an outdoor concert with lots of musicians during summer

Even with cold winter
And early rise
She is happy

People say

Happiness is how you create your life

And I think
She is a very lucky farmer girl :)

(Images from Anzai Family Farm)

Who Is Cooking?

We have an unsaid rule in our house
We must take turns to cook
I cook ethnic food and he cooks American food

I used to cook everyday
Until his confession one day
I. cannot. eat. rice. any. more

Because his looks is VERY deceiving
He looks Asian
But his grandparents came here in the 1880's
And he was raised in a Jewish neighborhood

So whenever I cooked
He used to make sure to smell the food
Before he puts it into his mouth
As if his nose could smell the danger
Of Asian food
Although my mom still believes that
He can actually understand Japanese
....Because it MUST be in his blood

It is NOT

So we take turns to cook
Because two Asians sometimes doesn't mean two Asians
It can be two cooks in a house :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kathryn M Ireland

I am not a big fan of Spanish design
Nor using a lot of bold colors together
But this house is so happy
And cheerful
I couldn't help it
But to fall in love
This once abandoned ranch in Ojai
Was restored and decorated by British interior and textile designer
Kathryn M Ireland
And since it is taking too long
For me to win lottery :)
This house has been sold
To Reese Witherspoon
And now it serves as her weekend house where she actually keeps her chickens, horses and all that
But if you love this happy and really cheerful house
Kathryn M Ireland has her new book titled
Creating A Home
Which shares her journey of finding this once crumbling ranch
To finishing each rooms of the house

I always felt restoring a house or a furniture piece
Is like a fairly tale

A fairly godmother
Using her magic
To create a beauty out of an undesired gem

And Kathryn M Ireland is my new favorite fairly godmother
Who has an invisible wand
For her incredible magic :)

So Lucky....

And this is the house in our neighborhood
That was done by Kathryn M Ireland
If we lived in this house
Our girls might not be so moody :)
They might start dancing before doing homework...

And I might start dancing before cleaning the house :)
And cooking :)
Isn't this girl's room so serene?
I love how she used a few items for her signature Spanish look
But used muted tone for this room
So lucky....

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lovely Week

It looks wonderful outside our window
Blue skies
Warm weather
And you know this week will be great
This is the week my lovely husband has his furlough day off
And it is the day we fuel ourselves
To go places we wanted to go to
To make lunch and go to beach and read and relax
Or we go to a small cafe and enjoy lunch
Because we want to enjoy it
No matter if it is furlough day or not
So this is a good week
Because we are having lunch at Sewtelle Kitchen on Friday
A nice small cafe in Los Angeles
Which has great foods
And gigantic cream puff filled with vanilla ice cream
Which is really perfect for me
Who refuses to jog :)
There are many famous spots here in LA
But I am a big fan of small spots
Because I believe in giving support for under dogs :)
And they have such a wonderful way of letting me to get to know them
So what are you doing this week
To make you feel special
And to fill your curiosity

Are you enjoying your lunch?
Or having a glass of wine with dinner?
Or having a moment to look up to see those beautiful stars?

Happy Monday
And wishing you a very cheerful week!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Orne De Feuilles And Boiserie

Good thing about being from another country
Is being able to know what is going on in a different country
Especially in Japan
Which is a real blind spot for beautiful European antiques and design

There are a lot of antique shops in Japan
And this is my favorite


They have lots and lots of beautiful antique furniture pieces
That make you forget that you are in Tokyo
And they also have a shop called
Orne de Feuilles

That has all the small items
Such as jewelries
Like those

I have always wished more Japanese people learn to speak English like Europeans do
So that many more people can find those hidden gems
Which are very difficult to find
...Because it is all in Japanese

But if you ever go there
Don't make a mistake like others do

No time drinking with geisha girls :)
Because you need to visit antique shops
And flea markets
To have that moment of victory
Of finding something beautiful
In a place you have never expected