Thursday, October 8, 2009

Le Petite Trianon

Have you seen this book?

Marie-Antoinette and the Last Garden at Versailles by Christian Duvernois

The tale of Marie-Antoinette is very famous and very sad one as you know

But this book gave me a peek at Marie-Antoinette

Without a word
Recently, the Petite Trianon, her favorite residence in the Versailles had gone through a renovation

To restore the look exactly how it was

When Marie-Antoinette lived there

Just how she decorated the residence

I was struck

With the gentleness of the design

The air of simplicity and calmness

I felt as if I peeked inside of her....

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  1. Oh, thank you for the kind words on my blog! I did not know that someone outside Sweden would read it and find it interesting! It´s not allways that nice, I have 2 kids and there´s often toys and landury all over.
    Hugs MALIN