Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My trip to Paris will not include too much shopping
However I will be looking for an old statue like this

Those ones are owned by Rachel Ashwell
Which I find so beautiful

Like many people
I heard the news last night
That Miep Gies
The woman who helped Anne Frank to hide
Has died

I have read a book when I was young
That she was one of many ordinary people
Who helped in their own way
And not many of those people felt they were doing something special
Because there were just so many of them
Sometimes it is so easy to be disconnected
Because we see so much distractions everywhere

Somewhere deep within us
We turn blind eye
Knowing things are happening
And we forget
Places like Darfur

One summer day I got a visit from our friend Maria
Who kept her hat on during the entire stay
Because she cut her hair really short
To donate for cancer patients

Reminding us special act
Is easily done
By ordinary people

Happy Wednesday!
Are you having good lunch?

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mini Me

My agenda today is
Taking that mini me to her first dentist appointment

I asked my older girls' dentist if I should make appointment with her
And was kindly
Turned down
Possibly because how she acted at her sisters' dentist office in the past

So I am taking her to a dentist we have never been to

My little daughter always amazes me
By being a mirror image of me as a child

Having biggest sweet tooth
And being a youngest child
Who has tired mother and father
So eating healthy was forgotten

I don't know how my older children do it
They don't know it but I can't eat like them

They eat super healthy
Eating tofu
Drinking non fat milk
And eating vegetable sticks for snacks

I did that to them since they were very little
So they see no problem with those healthy foods

And I admit
I have those moments
Looking at them eating carrot sticks
How can they think those are good...


Are you starting to plan for Valentine's day?
The reason why I asked
Is because picking a gift for man
Is seriously difficult

I have been picking books he might like
But that is getting old, too

What do you give on Valentine's Day?
And no...That doesn't include big screen TV..

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Paris...Here We Come!

A part of my new year's resolutions this year
Was taking Chloe to another country to visit
My mom let me and my sisters pick a country to visit
When one of us graduated school
And those are some of my greatest memories growing up
So when I became a mother
That was something I dreamed of

Although I cannot take all of our children
Which is good in some know what I mean ;)
I am really looking forward for this trip
Chloe is finishing elementary school this year
Which means it has been 10 years of me being a mom with all the fun and hard work that came with it
So it is time to cerebrate
....And my non existing French
Will test French people's kindness ;)
Because I would love to venture out and visit their country side

Have a wonderful night!
What is your fun new year's resolutions?
(Image 1: Fricker; Image 2,3,4,5 from Lee Magazine)

White Bed Room

Hello Sunday!
I am making my bedroom creamy white today

White rooms can be stark
And boring
But I am planning to use different shades of white
Like those rooms

Did you have a relaxing breakfast?

Hoping you a happy Sunday!

(Image 1: Traditional Home Magazine; Image 2&3: Country Home Magazine)