Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thrift Find Part 2

Here are my thrift finds of the day
Crystal Candle Stands
49 cents each
Large Antique Gray Painted Pine Corn Tree
$1.99 each
Happy Thrift Saturday!

Naming name

This is Clarisse

She is a middle child

She also has a Japanese name

Her Japanese name is Kanon

It means creator of sounds

We thought it was a cool name

Until we found out "the sound" never stops

So we call her Kanon

To remind us how important to think before naming a child


They sleep together every night
And they are always the last ones to get up

Lauren thinks her dog is a puppy
But "her puppy" is almost 16 years old

Lauren helps "her puppy" down from bed every morning
Because "her puppy" is a grandmother who has arthritis

Friday, October 2, 2009


I have a friend who is talented
She has new Halloween decorations she made
When I see newspaper, I read it
And I never think it can be made into those
I have urge to open up her head and stay there for a while
Because it must be magical there

Happy Friday

Happy Friday

Hello Pacific Ocean
We had wonderful afternoon today
Lauren picked flowers for me

And we walked around the beach and the park

What a beautiful Friday it is...


I. love. Anthropologie.

No. Those are not from Anthropologie.

I might make my husband cry if I start shopping there all the time.
I made those bracelets for me and my daughters.

I started making those on Saturday.

I didn't know how calming knitting was.

It is like meditation.

Because you are not thinking when you knit.

Now I have 20 of those....

And I have realized I don't have 20 kids...

Those things have to go on our Christmas tree this year...

Because I cannot stop knitting now...

Because when you have three children you need to help with their homework

And when they are winy all the time

And cries to try to get out of it

You definitely need to knit at night

So you can go to sleep at night

And you won't have nightmare about them :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Having Three Girls

Having three girls is a dangerous thing.
Because as they grow older and things get easier
You will remember how sweet they were when they were little like this

And you might find yourself thinking
Oh, we don't have a son
But if we dare to try for one more, we will end up with another girl
And before we know, my husband might move out to our garage to live there.
Because he is so out numbered.
And the girls know one thing for sure.

In our house, girls rule :)

Thrift Finds

Here are my thrift finds of the day.
The big shiny vase without flower in it that is sitting on top of my fire place mantle.
$1.50 :)

Silver Tray $3.99
Black Candle Holder $1.99

Silver bowl $2.19
Most thrift stores do not charge you sales tax.
And most importantly, they are supporting a good cause!

Happy Thrift Thursday!

Home Sweet Home

I went thrift shopping this morning with Lauren.
I have decided to take some pictures of pretty homes in our neighborhood along the way.
We live in old neighborhood with small cottages.

It doesn't have good schools.
And I admit it. It is not the best part of the town.
But I love those homes.
Those little cottages with many different colors.
Most of those cottages are smaller than 1500 sq.ft.
Some of them are smaller than 1000 sq. ft.
If you live somewhere outside of California, you might think those are sheds in backyard.
But they are not.
Sure, we can drive to the beach in 10 minutes.
And we have gorgeous weather.
But if you live somewhere far away from California and think Californians are lucky during cold winter, I, too, envy you....
Because Californians have to pay around $650,000 for those sheds.
And we still can't send our kids to local schools because they are not good enough.
So during cold winter month when you dream of California, Remember, I. think. you. are. very. LUCKY. :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Apple of my eyes

This is Lauren.

She is 3 years old.

She is terrible three.

She doesn't eat any vegetables.

She loves junk foods.

I craved junk foods when I was pregnant with her.

She destroys everything.

That is her job.

She destroys her sisters' rooms when they are gone.

She then moves onto kitchen.

Then to living room.

But she thinks she is sleeping beauty.

She is just like me.

That's how I was.

The youngest of three sisters.

The most spoiled child of the house.

Because when you have three children, anything goes for the third one.

Lucky Lauren.

Your sisters were eating tofu when they were babies.

Your sisters were drinking decaf green tea when they were babies.

Lucky Lauren.
You are just like me.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Being good citizens

Well, I wrote about how I need to start jogging earlier...
Then my husband came home who also really loves to eat...
Then we went out to eat at a Japanese BBQ Restaurant called Gyu-Kaku...
It is fun because you can cook yourself and what kind of children wouldn't like that?
And my daughter's birthday was on Sep.4...
Yes, I can hear you saying that is 3 1/2weeks ago...and we went out to a French restaurant for that...
But we all love to eat good food...
And President Obama says we all need to stimulate economy...
So we did...we are good citizens who care...
After Gyu-kaku, we went to Home Goods Store...
When I came to toy section from linen section of the store...
I found my two children like this...
Because when two happy children see costumes in a store, they just have to try them on...

Good bye summer..

Good bye summer...
Good bye long summer with my three beautiful children...

Hello Fall...
Hello again my free time :)...
Finally, I get to miss my kids...
My beautiful three girls...

Now I don't have to hide to have my chocolate...
Now might be a good time to lose 10lbs I have gained...

But I don't go to gym...
And I don't jog...
Because I hate exercise...

Now that you girls are gone back to school...
And I am running out of my excuse not to jog...
I REALLY miss you girls already...