Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lovely Chloe

This is Chloe
She is 10 years old

She has requested for a blog article about her
So I took picture of her walking to school this morning
Yes, this is the one
The only one

Because I woke up late this morning
And we had to walk really fast
But don't worry...

Your loveliness is there
Your into clothing personality is there

But I have to tell what is not showing there

She is a grandma's girl

And when she cannot do her homework
And crying doesn't help
And when she is in trouble
It is her arthritis that prevented her from doing her homework

That is not there :)


3 sisters after school :)


  1. Chloe has so much style...especially for a 10 year old! Too cute!

  2. Hello!Nozomi

    These are great photos!!
    Also I like Antique goods.

    I hope I can design our house like you.
    But I don' t have any sense ....

    looks like you have 3 cute girls .
    I have 2 kids girl and boy.