Sunday, October 4, 2009

The One With Refined Style

This is Chloe

She is the one with refined style

She collects old books

She goes antique hunting with me

She loves Calico Corners

I found this wall sconce at Goodwill for $7.99

It had lamp shade from 50's

I ripped it off of it before taking a picture

Because it was too ugly
And I couldn't help it

This wall lamp will be perfect for Chloe's blue room

Because she is a bookworm

And she needs more lighting by her bed

This is Chloe's thrift room

The King size head board was snatched by me at a curbside on large trash day

It was ugly brown

The $1 bed side bench came from a yard sale

It was black and greasy for some reason

The cover next to her bed is a hand me down from her aunt
And it used to be yellow

I made the blue curtain from $3/yard clearance fabric

Here is her drawers

Another hand me down that used to be yellow

I got paint from clearance section for $2

This paint started the whole Blue Room thing

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