Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shabby Chic Is Back

I was one of those people who felt sad

When the news of Shabby Chic came on air

Closing of those stores felt incredibly sad

Because they gave us so much inspiration

And so many of us felt the magic of old pieces turning into something precious

It was a bit like reading a fairly tale

When I went to those stores

It represented a dream

Of how we grow old with one of those sofas in our home

So I am happy to hear two Shabby Chic stores are open again

To continue to inspire

And let us dream

Because home is where we live and grow old

And I would love to come home to a beautiful place

Yes, there need to be some effort

....Of cleaning

....But I can dream

.....Or I can try to convince that lovely someone

.....To help me clean

.....Or to just clean :)

....Because Shabby Chic is back

....And reminded me

.....The magic of beauty

Friday, October 23, 2009

All We Need Is Love

I am making little tags

And attaching them on our ceiling this afternoon

Because our girls are into vernacular

And they got one each

And they need something to look at

And I have been encountering a lot of strangers lately

Strangers who are extremely unhappy

Who can be really mean

And sometimes

We all need reminder

All we need is love

I want my kids to be someone who can spread love

And cheer

Because as long as they have love in their heart

Good things happen

And I am getting a little help from Mr. Claus

Just because

He will never fail to cheer them up

And remind them

To be good

And kind

And do chores

And do homework without crying :)

Have a warm & cheerful Friday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Story Of Old Picket Fences

There have been old wood in my garage that used to be my neighbor's picket fence
They are old
And they have been beaten pretty bad
And they made me look a bit crazy
When I brought them home
Because there was that silence
From that lovely someone
That silence with smile
Thinking she is into something
That I don't want to know about :)

But I love old wood
How they age gracefully with scars and all

So they have been waiting patiently
For me to come up with some idea
To turn them into a beauty

And when I walked into my garage yesterday

I knew exactly what they needed to be
So I worked and worked without blogging :)
And voila!
It now sits there in my breakfast area
Dressed with antique grey paint
And with their new golden friends
They now sit there as if they have never been picket fences :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Lauren sang a song she made
All the way home from school yesterday
The song was
Junkie dogs

It was very loud
Because she was very proud of the song
Which had only one phrase
Junkie dogs

...Which lasted entire 20 minutes
When we got home
Chloe told me the song was
Junk yard dogs from the movie Scamp
Because she knows
It is a good thing to tell mommy that
Nobody taught Lauren "Junkie dogs"
Being bilingual is a very tricky thing for kids
Lauren's favorite stuffed animal was Yucky
Until I found out she meant Lucky
If they want two wantons
It becomes two tons

But between three sisters
They always understand each other
As if they live in a republic of three girls
Where they speak a secret language that
Lucky becomes Yucky

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cleaning Lady

This is one of my two projects over the weekend
Making a tray out of an old picture flame
For candles, wine glasses, flower vase, chocolates and everything else that make life special

And the other
Always a major project
To clean up Kanon's cave
The room no fire fighter will approve
Because she likes to keep things
Things that should not be kept
And hide them
Somewhere very difficult to find
So I went in with full gear
And spent whole sunday afternoon in her room
So that she can finally see things
Like the floor
Or things like
My lovely husband cooked at night
Tri Tip Roast
Grilled Yellow Zucchini
And a bottle of wine
It took so long
Because he is into small details
Unlike me
By the time the dinner was ready
I was sleeping on the couch
Dreaming about dinner

So he had a bottle of wine all for himsself
Merry, merry, cheer, cheer
Good foods
Good wine
And a quiet evening
While cleaning lady slept on the couch