Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tumbleweed & Dandelion

I came across lovely pictures of a home in NYC
That has been done by Lizabeth McGraw
Who owns a store called Tumbleweed & Dandelion near our home

I love how she decorated the home without using typical holiday color
Isn't it peaceful and calming?

This year, I am giving gift of a note book
To each of my girls
On Thanksgiving day

So that they will have time to think each day
And count their blessings
And write or draw their blessings
Until Christmas

Will this work?
I am REALLY hoping so....

Wish you a warm night!
(Images from country living magazine)

Missing Home

I grew up in a small and ancient town of Kamakura
Surrounded by old temples
On a hill over looking Pacific Ocean
Where a lot of poets, authors, artists and professors live
And when we go shopping
We went to a nearby town called Yokohama
Where you get surrounded by influence of Europe
Because it was one of the first town to open up to rest of the world
When they gave up the life style of samurai and swords and all that
So this is Yokohama
With lots of small cafes
And subways
And cruise ships from overseas in its port
And I miss it
I miss hopping onto subway or ride a bicycle
And look around
And enjoy the walk
Because the thought of going to a gym is very depressing

Very. very. very.
....Because I'm not good at running just for the sake of running
When I run, there need to be a place that I am running to
But it doesn't happen
When you are running on a treadmill
And see?
My other reason for missing home
Tokyo Tower in the dark
It is so....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Christmas Gifts And Cath Kidston

There is a down fall in having a big family
My lovely husband comes from a family that loves our girls dearly
And he has a big extended family with wonderful people with big hearts
And I have a huge conflict every Christmas
Because our girls get so much love
And presents during the holiday
Our house turns into a toy store after Christmas

And because they get so much
Each presents get less time and attention
And appreciation

I remember each toys I got for Christmas
Because I only got one present every year
Not because we were poor :)
But I grew up in Japan
Where Christmas was not a major holiday
But like many other countries, they cerebrated for children
By giving one toy from Santa
That special gift from him

Last year, I decided to make Christmas presents for our girls
Just because I want them to remember
And appreciate the effort and love someday
When they find out Mr. Claus is too big to fly around the world

So my lovely husband and I spent one weekend without kids
Making toys for them
Instead of going to a crowded shopping mall

So that there will be a part of us and our love
Among the gigantic mountain of presents

I forgot to mention a designer from UK when I wrote last post
Who can make your day cheerful
Her name is Cath Kidston
Lots of items that are perfect when it is gloomy outside
Or when you encounter a lot of gloomy people :)
And lucky Chloe has a bag from Cath Kidston
To cheer her up to go band practice at school
Because she is kind of lazy....
And needs a lot of cheering....

My lovely husband taught me a new phrase recently
"Squeaky wheel gets the grease"
What a lovely new phrase
To describe my children :)
It is almost as good as
"Mommy is always right" :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cabbages and Roses

My current favorite is Cabbages and Roses from UK

There is something about those design houses from UK
That magical touch
Of classic beauty
That is not stuffy at all
I am hoping Cabbages and Roses opens its store in the US
Because I cannot fly to London
Due to a bad experience when I took three girls to Japan
Which I will not go into

I will just mention a baby on my lap
And spaghetti on both of her hands
And the spaghetti that was thrown
Into the air

If you get a chance
Take a look at cabbages and roses site
And you'll see that magic, too :)

Wishing you a great Halloween week...
With many warm hugs...

(All images from

Sharing Secret

Do you remember when you were a child
That excitement of sharing a big secret with your friend?

My lovely middle child told me the secret she shared with her friends
So that I won't need coffee to wake up this morning

It was Drug Free Week at school
You know, how they teach those kids not to do drugs, etc...
After she heard all those things
She couldn't help it
To share a secret with her friends on playground

"My grandma does a lot of drugs"
With that little voice
Because it is a must when sharing a secret

So I had to have a little kind talk to my lovely child this morning
Well, my lovely child
That is for her arthritis
And vitamins
And they are all legal!!!!
But hey,
Maybe I don't have to worry about her being bullied at school
Because you know
She has a grandmother who does a lot of drugs

And I can just imagine
How powerful that is for little kids :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Painting Away

Just a peek....

This is one of the old pieces that will go into our dining room that I have been working on
This one had a sad fate
Of being tossed by my new next door neighbor 4 months ago

And you know me
I introduced myself to our new next door neighbor

I have been spending my time late at night
To remove those old everything
And sanding
And painting

This is how it used to looked like before
Uuuuugly, isn't it?

Anyway, I got to know another neighbor yesterday
And I bought 2 wooden doors from her for $20
Without telling that lovely someone
Because I know if I did
Those doors wouldn't be coming to our home

So those tall wooden doors are sitting in the corner of our living room
And it seems like those gigantic wooden doors are invisible
Because I haven't heard a word from that lovely someone
He must be thinking
And thinking hard
Why there are 2 gigantic doors sitting in our house :)

Those tall wooden doors will be beautiful trumeau mirrors
And be a part of our home
Reflecting lights, candles, and good times :)

....Can't wait to show you all

Wish you a wonderful night!
Many warm hugs :)