Saturday, October 17, 2009

Slipcovers And Old Books

I have been working on making slipcovers

So that our children can have dinner on the sea form silk upholstered benches

Once it is ready

So that I don't have to scare them away

Or draw lines around it :)

While Chloe was taking her painting lesson this morning

I went to a library to look for old books

Because it was book sale day

And Chloe has been collecting old books

She has been telling me how beautiful they are

And I, too, noticed today

...They are so beautiful

(Top 3 pictures from Country Living Magazine)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Foot Prints Of Love

Happiness is a collection of small moments

I have found ruined artificial hydrangea while cleaning

And felt how lucky I am

Lauren likes to pick flowers for me

And this had her foot prints all over it

Foot prints of love

I stopped for a moment

Because ruined artificial hydrangea looked so beautiful

Laying there with love

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Take A Peek? Part 2

Remember the old chandelier that has been sitting in my garage?
Well, I did it!
I did it myself
Because my husband has so many projects
That I have given him
And I am not good at waiting
Just like apple of my eyes
I thought I might get electricuted....
Because there were some sparks....
While I was holding the chandelier...
And a few really excited kids....
For the sparks....
Right by my hand...
Just a peek...
Because we are working on our dining set
All different old pieces
That will be tied together
With antique white paint
And sea form silk fabric
Because we are planning many parties this holiday
Adults only parties
With lots of wines and candles
In a small rented cottage
That has a beautiful Swedish country dining room

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Autumn Green

It is getting cold
And it has been raining
So I put away everything blue in our bedroom
Because I needed a little bit of warmth
And came our green bedroom
When it is rainy like this
It is time to read
And start making my cup of tea
With vanilla ice cream in it
Because summer is not coming
Any. time. soon. :)

Rainy Wednesday

It is rainy today

Chloe told me she needs long sleeve shirts this morning

So I said, "Sure"

Because apple of my eyes cannot wait in a long line

She might start swimming on the floor

While we wait in a long line

And no one will be shopping

When it is raining like this

So we went to Marshall's after dropping two kids off at school

Because that was the only store open

And apple of my eyes cannot wait
And when we went to Marshall's

I found a nice hat

And a yellow belt

And sweaters for girls

Because I am a sweater girl

I am a hat girl
....... And found no shirt

Because apple of my eyes started to communicate

She wants to go home

And watch TV

And eat cookies

So I said,"Let's go home"

Because she is really good at swimming on the floor

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Inspirations

It has been raining here today
And the groomy weather is making me feel a little bit burned out...
So here are some beautiful rooms
To cheer up the day
And let me (and you) be inspired:)
Happy Cheerful Tuesday!

Desert For Thanksgiving

I don't cook turkey
Because I don't cook anything that resemble how they were when they were alive
That is also the reason why I don't go hunting and start cooking a whole pig in our yard
And start dancing naked around it
Because they always make me feel too guilty to eat
When I see them laying on my table
So my husband has been in charge of cooking for Thanksgiving every year
Because I have very good reasons
....I didn't like my biology class
....And I am not in high school anymore
....So I can skip the trauma
.....that cooking turkey causes me
When he told me
That I haven't changed at all
After seeing me as a bear on my blog
I have decided
To make some deserts this Thanksgiving
Because I am a 36 years old mom of three who enjoyed dressing as a bear
Who wants to show a bit of progress :)

(photos from Country Living Magazine)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lovin' The Chill

I am loving autumn
Because I love anything knitted
Especially when it is knitted like this
And when the knitted pair of gloves is $3.49
I don't mind waiting in a long line for a long time
Because my moody children were not with me
They were with my lovely husband
Who loves those moody children as much as I do
I am so in love with autumn :)

Take A Peek?

My summer fireplace mantle had to go last night
And came autumn mantleAutumn is the season to have friends over for dinner
And to reconnect over wine and desert
It is also the season to light the candles
And start counting down for the holidays

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Hat Girl

I am a hat girl
I have many hats
And I love funky hats
Because I am a hat girl

Hi, it is me
The bear
But don't worry....This is not the hat that I wear when I go outside
Or when I go hunting
Or when I go to catch a wild salmon
No, seriously....
I am a youngest child
And this is just me
Staying true to my duty
To let my sisters make fun of me :)

Happy Cheerful Monday!