Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shabby Chic Is Back

I was one of those people who felt sad

When the news of Shabby Chic came on air

Closing of those stores felt incredibly sad

Because they gave us so much inspiration

And so many of us felt the magic of old pieces turning into something precious

It was a bit like reading a fairly tale

When I went to those stores

It represented a dream

Of how we grow old with one of those sofas in our home

So I am happy to hear two Shabby Chic stores are open again

To continue to inspire

And let us dream

Because home is where we live and grow old

And I would love to come home to a beautiful place

Yes, there need to be some effort

....Of cleaning

....But I can dream

.....Or I can try to convince that lovely someone

.....To help me clean

.....Or to just clean :)

....Because Shabby Chic is back

....And reminded me

.....The magic of beauty

1 comment:

  1. i felt the same way about it too! i was so excited i posted about it on my blog too. can't wait to visit L.A. or NYC sometime and see the new stores. you're so luck that you already live in California!

    A Sort Of Fairy Tale