Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Story Of Old Picket Fences

There have been old wood in my garage that used to be my neighbor's picket fence
They are old
And they have been beaten pretty bad
And they made me look a bit crazy
When I brought them home
Because there was that silence
From that lovely someone
That silence with smile
Thinking she is into something
That I don't want to know about :)

But I love old wood
How they age gracefully with scars and all

So they have been waiting patiently
For me to come up with some idea
To turn them into a beauty

And when I walked into my garage yesterday

I knew exactly what they needed to be
So I worked and worked without blogging :)
And voila!
It now sits there in my breakfast area
Dressed with antique grey paint
And with their new golden friends
They now sit there as if they have never been picket fences :)


  1. Seriously awesome Nozomi! I just love it! I have some old picket fence pieces too just sitting in the garage waiting for inspiration like this...thank you so much for the idea! The finishing touches are perfect...

    :) T

  2. Hallo Nozomi!!

    I really like your "fence wall" and I understood the look in your friends face...I can see that very often in my husbands face....but he always loves the reults...almost ;)

    Have a nice weekend!!