Monday, October 19, 2009

Cleaning Lady

This is one of my two projects over the weekend
Making a tray out of an old picture flame
For candles, wine glasses, flower vase, chocolates and everything else that make life special

And the other
Always a major project
To clean up Kanon's cave
The room no fire fighter will approve
Because she likes to keep things
Things that should not be kept
And hide them
Somewhere very difficult to find
So I went in with full gear
And spent whole sunday afternoon in her room
So that she can finally see things
Like the floor
Or things like
My lovely husband cooked at night
Tri Tip Roast
Grilled Yellow Zucchini
And a bottle of wine
It took so long
Because he is into small details
Unlike me
By the time the dinner was ready
I was sleeping on the couch
Dreaming about dinner

So he had a bottle of wine all for himsself
Merry, merry, cheer, cheer
Good foods
Good wine
And a quiet evening
While cleaning lady slept on the couch


  1. Your tray is beautiful and so is your little girl's room!! Sorry you missed out on what sounds like an amazing dinner!

    :) T

  2. These invitation to have a visit to your house is so charmful! Thanks a lot for sharing...
    Greetings from Germany, maren