Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Lauren sang a song she made
All the way home from school yesterday
The song was
Junkie dogs

It was very loud
Because she was very proud of the song
Which had only one phrase
Junkie dogs

...Which lasted entire 20 minutes
When we got home
Chloe told me the song was
Junk yard dogs from the movie Scamp
Because she knows
It is a good thing to tell mommy that
Nobody taught Lauren "Junkie dogs"
Being bilingual is a very tricky thing for kids
Lauren's favorite stuffed animal was Yucky
Until I found out she meant Lucky
If they want two wantons
It becomes two tons

But between three sisters
They always understand each other
As if they live in a republic of three girls
Where they speak a secret language that
Lucky becomes Yucky

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