Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My trip to Paris will not include too much shopping
However I will be looking for an old statue like this

Those ones are owned by Rachel Ashwell
Which I find so beautiful

Like many people
I heard the news last night
That Miep Gies
The woman who helped Anne Frank to hide
Has died

I have read a book when I was young
That she was one of many ordinary people
Who helped in their own way
And not many of those people felt they were doing something special
Because there were just so many of them
Sometimes it is so easy to be disconnected
Because we see so much distractions everywhere

Somewhere deep within us
We turn blind eye
Knowing things are happening
And we forget
Places like Darfur

One summer day I got a visit from our friend Maria
Who kept her hat on during the entire stay
Because she cut her hair really short
To donate for cancer patients

Reminding us special act
Is easily done
By ordinary people

Happy Wednesday!
Are you having good lunch?

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  1. You have a lovely blog.

    I did not see any saint statues at Saint Ouen flea markets last fall, lots of other interesting items, though.

    I found two saint statues at 26th st market in New York last summer for 15 €$ both.

    If you ever happen to go to Amsterdam, there is a booth at De Looier antique market selling only saint statues. Elandsgracht 109

  2. Dear Nozomi,

    Thank you for visit on my blog and be my reader:)

    I`m sorry, that my english isn`t so good, but I hope, that you understand me:)

    You wrote so important things!
    And pictures are so lovely, too!

    I wish you sunny and happy weekend!!

    Hugs, Marge

  3. I love your pictures, musib and blog! I will be back. Have a wonderful weekend.