Tuesday, January 19, 2010

$5 Chandelier

I am finishing up with our white bedroom
Which used to be our den
It turned into our bedroom
With sitting area
Since we gave our bedroom to little Lauren
But the problem was
That apple of my eye didn't have any intention to sleep in her own room
She went there to hide and eat chocolat during the day
And came to our bed to sleep at night

So sweet Chloe came to rescue last night
She might have known already
That I might turn into a real owl soon

She happily slept with Lauren in her room

So thank you, Chloe
To take care of Lauren, the chocolate princess :)

I am almost done with our white bedroom
I am now trying to finish up the sitting area part

I found this wooden chandelier at a thrift store many months ago
Which was $10
But I bought it on yellow tag half off day
So I paid $5 for it
It used to look like this
So I painted it to match my new white bedroom
It is now hanging where sitting area will be

And yes
You might have noticed already
That I didn't take the picture of the chandelier very well
....I simply forgot
...To look at ceiling

Happy Tuesday!!!
Are you having a short week?

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