Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mini Me

My agenda today is
Taking that mini me to her first dentist appointment

I asked my older girls' dentist if I should make appointment with her
And was kindly
Turned down
Possibly because how she acted at her sisters' dentist office in the past

So I am taking her to a dentist we have never been to

My little daughter always amazes me
By being a mirror image of me as a child

Having biggest sweet tooth
And being a youngest child
Who has tired mother and father
So eating healthy was forgotten

I don't know how my older children do it
They don't know it but I can't eat like them

They eat super healthy
Eating tofu
Drinking non fat milk
And eating vegetable sticks for snacks

I did that to them since they were very little
So they see no problem with those healthy foods

And I admit
I have those moments
Looking at them eating carrot sticks
How can they think those are good...


Are you starting to plan for Valentine's day?
The reason why I asked
Is because picking a gift for man
Is seriously difficult

I have been picking books he might like
But that is getting old, too

What do you give on Valentine's Day?
And no...That doesn't include big screen TV..

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. You are very funny! Hmmm, I'm only just getting over Christmas. Oh, and the gifts I gave him for Christmas are in a little pile in the bedroom - maybe I chose the wrong things!? B x

  2. Too cute! Good luck..we had our first last year and I think I was more worried than my son. And although he had some cavities..he was really good about it;)

  3. haha,I totally agree with you about carrot sticks. I also wonder why people think those are good. (I don't like carrots very much..)