Monday, October 26, 2009

Sharing Secret

Do you remember when you were a child
That excitement of sharing a big secret with your friend?

My lovely middle child told me the secret she shared with her friends
So that I won't need coffee to wake up this morning

It was Drug Free Week at school
You know, how they teach those kids not to do drugs, etc...
After she heard all those things
She couldn't help it
To share a secret with her friends on playground

"My grandma does a lot of drugs"
With that little voice
Because it is a must when sharing a secret

So I had to have a little kind talk to my lovely child this morning
Well, my lovely child
That is for her arthritis
And vitamins
And they are all legal!!!!
But hey,
Maybe I don't have to worry about her being bullied at school
Because you know
She has a grandmother who does a lot of drugs

And I can just imagine
How powerful that is for little kids :)


  1. Thank You so muck for your sweet words at my my blog. I can see how wonderful the sofa will become when you are ready with the work.


  2. Oh kids do say the darndest things! Thanks for the laugh :)

    :) T

  3. ohh my...that's so funny!:) I love the things kids say.