Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Missing Home

I grew up in a small and ancient town of Kamakura
Surrounded by old temples
On a hill over looking Pacific Ocean
Where a lot of poets, authors, artists and professors live
And when we go shopping
We went to a nearby town called Yokohama
Where you get surrounded by influence of Europe
Because it was one of the first town to open up to rest of the world
When they gave up the life style of samurai and swords and all that
So this is Yokohama
With lots of small cafes
And subways
And cruise ships from overseas in its port
And I miss it
I miss hopping onto subway or ride a bicycle
And look around
And enjoy the walk
Because the thought of going to a gym is very depressing

Very. very. very.
....Because I'm not good at running just for the sake of running
When I run, there need to be a place that I am running to
But it doesn't happen
When you are running on a treadmill
And see?
My other reason for missing home
Tokyo Tower in the dark
It is so....

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