Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Christmas Gifts And Cath Kidston

There is a down fall in having a big family
My lovely husband comes from a family that loves our girls dearly
And he has a big extended family with wonderful people with big hearts
And I have a huge conflict every Christmas
Because our girls get so much love
And presents during the holiday
Our house turns into a toy store after Christmas

And because they get so much
Each presents get less time and attention
And appreciation

I remember each toys I got for Christmas
Because I only got one present every year
Not because we were poor :)
But I grew up in Japan
Where Christmas was not a major holiday
But like many other countries, they cerebrated for children
By giving one toy from Santa
That special gift from him

Last year, I decided to make Christmas presents for our girls
Just because I want them to remember
And appreciate the effort and love someday
When they find out Mr. Claus is too big to fly around the world

So my lovely husband and I spent one weekend without kids
Making toys for them
Instead of going to a crowded shopping mall

So that there will be a part of us and our love
Among the gigantic mountain of presents

I forgot to mention a designer from UK when I wrote last post
Who can make your day cheerful
Her name is Cath Kidston
Lots of items that are perfect when it is gloomy outside
Or when you encounter a lot of gloomy people :)
And lucky Chloe has a bag from Cath Kidston
To cheer her up to go band practice at school
Because she is kind of lazy....
And needs a lot of cheering....

My lovely husband taught me a new phrase recently
"Squeaky wheel gets the grease"
What a lovely new phrase
To describe my children :)
It is almost as good as
"Mommy is always right" :)

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