Friday, October 2, 2009


I. love. Anthropologie.

No. Those are not from Anthropologie.

I might make my husband cry if I start shopping there all the time.
I made those bracelets for me and my daughters.

I started making those on Saturday.

I didn't know how calming knitting was.

It is like meditation.

Because you are not thinking when you knit.

Now I have 20 of those....

And I have realized I don't have 20 kids...

Those things have to go on our Christmas tree this year...

Because I cannot stop knitting now...

Because when you have three children you need to help with their homework

And when they are winy all the time

And cries to try to get out of it

You definitely need to knit at night

So you can go to sleep at night

And you won't have nightmare about them :)

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