Thursday, October 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I went thrift shopping this morning with Lauren.
I have decided to take some pictures of pretty homes in our neighborhood along the way.
We live in old neighborhood with small cottages.

It doesn't have good schools.
And I admit it. It is not the best part of the town.
But I love those homes.
Those little cottages with many different colors.
Most of those cottages are smaller than 1500 sq.ft.
Some of them are smaller than 1000 sq. ft.
If you live somewhere outside of California, you might think those are sheds in backyard.
But they are not.
Sure, we can drive to the beach in 10 minutes.
And we have gorgeous weather.
But if you live somewhere far away from California and think Californians are lucky during cold winter, I, too, envy you....
Because Californians have to pay around $650,000 for those sheds.
And we still can't send our kids to local schools because they are not good enough.
So during cold winter month when you dream of California, Remember, I. think. you. are. very. LUCKY. :)

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