Friday, December 4, 2009

Advent Wreath

I saw an article of a Swedish holiday decoration
And the home had an Advent wreath with candles hanging above dining table
And then I saw some more Advent wreath
Hanging over dining area like a chandelier
In many blogs from Sweden
So I thought I might be able to make one for our house :)
But then encountered a problem....

If I stick candle sticks like the ones I saw
I might start fire...

So I went to get some tea candles
To place on the wreath
All the material here came from Michael's

Did you go there this holiday season?
All beautiful Christmas decorations are now 50% off
So I picked some for this wreath

And I am thinking about getting a very small Christmas tree (a real one)
So I can use Christmas cookie cutters
And bake cookies to decorate the tree

I am so~ enjoying to see all the Christmas decorations in many blogs :)

Happy Friday
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!

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