Monday, November 30, 2009

Remember Those Doors?

Remember when I bought 2 doors for $20 from my neighbor?
The two unfinished over sized doors
That made me look crazy to that someone's eyes?
Well, I finished them!!!!
I layered many paints and dark stains to make it look antique
And added a huge mirror that has been sitting in our garage
To make one of the doors into a trumeau mirror for our living room

And the other door
Which is a double glassed door
Turned into a room divider
Because our old cottage is like many other old house
That doesn't have a foyer
And when you walk into our house
It is just one open space

So I used it to divide our living room from the door way
Without completely blocking out the natural light

So when I finally finished
I earned my right to tell that special someone

Ha! Ha!
See? I wasn't crazy :) :)

I am just a little frugal and handy
Which makes him a very lucky husband ;)

Happy Monday!!!


  1. Wow! No, not crazy at all...$20 dollars seriously! What you've done with the doors is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I earned my right to tell that special someone
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