Monday, November 30, 2009

Hello, Christmas Tree

We've been waiting for you
The time with a tree with lights
This is our new tree
White tree
With white, green and silver ornaments

But if I leave it to girls to decorate
And go to do dish washing
They might add something green to the Christmas tree
While I am not there

Something green like this
Comes out from girl's room
That naughty green one

I didn't take many pictures
But it is quite pretty at night
I will wait to take more pictures after dark
To share with you some other time :)

Did you get your tree yet?


  1. Hallo!

    What a loveley tree!! White and a lots of lights in it.. :) like ;)
    I have picked small trees to put in glass cans..
    but the big tree has to wait for another week..!

    Have a nice evening!!