Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Desert For Thanksgiving

I don't cook turkey
Because I don't cook anything that resemble how they were when they were alive
That is also the reason why I don't go hunting and start cooking a whole pig in our yard
And start dancing naked around it
Because they always make me feel too guilty to eat
When I see them laying on my table
So my husband has been in charge of cooking for Thanksgiving every year
Because I have very good reasons
....I didn't like my biology class
....And I am not in high school anymore
....So I can skip the trauma
.....that cooking turkey causes me
When he told me
That I haven't changed at all
After seeing me as a bear on my blog
I have decided
To make some deserts this Thanksgiving
Because I am a 36 years old mom of three who enjoyed dressing as a bear
Who wants to show a bit of progress :)

(photos from Country Living Magazine)

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