Monday, March 22, 2010

Mamas And Papas

Hello, everyone!!
How was your weekend?
We had a longer and colder winter this year
So we went out and planted some flowers

And we run to Target
Because I had an important mission

I went to get pretty clothes for our girls
Because Liberty of London for Target arrived :)

I love pretty
Especially when they are reasonably priced ;)

I also found a special brand called
Mamas and Papas from England

Super cute
And really reasonable

This made me think of stopping over in London for my upcoming trip to France
..Only for a moment
..Because scaring husband won't be a good thing to do :)
But if you live there
Or have a plan to go there

They have super cute clothing at Target price
For babies, kids, and expecting moms
And their beautiful furniture

Happy Monday..
Wishing you a super happy week!!

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  1. Such adorable little outfits! Thanks for posting ;) have a super week!