Sunday, November 1, 2009

Orne De Feuilles And Boiserie

Good thing about being from another country
Is being able to know what is going on in a different country
Especially in Japan
Which is a real blind spot for beautiful European antiques and design

There are a lot of antique shops in Japan
And this is my favorite


They have lots and lots of beautiful antique furniture pieces
That make you forget that you are in Tokyo
And they also have a shop called
Orne de Feuilles

That has all the small items
Such as jewelries
Like those

I have always wished more Japanese people learn to speak English like Europeans do
So that many more people can find those hidden gems
Which are very difficult to find
...Because it is all in Japanese

But if you ever go there
Don't make a mistake like others do

No time drinking with geisha girls :)
Because you need to visit antique shops
And flea markets
To have that moment of victory
Of finding something beautiful
In a place you have never expected

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