Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Girls' Day

We are celebrating girls' day today

We have decorated our house a few weeks ago
With Japanese dolls depicting a wedding of prince and princess
With ladies in waiting, musicians, new furniture for princess, and princess's carriage
Parents started ordering those dolls for their daughters many centuries ago
Hoping their girls will find a wonderful match and happiness in their marriage
Isn't it wonderful?

We women have more options today
But I still hope our girls find great partners
And happiness

For me
Today is a day of cooking :)

Making sushi
And many desserts

And one more important agenda of the day
I am giving hair cut to that little one
Who has been cutting her own hair in closet since she found out how fun it is to use scissors

And now she has short hair around her face
But she couldn't reach the back
So she ended up having that 80's hair style

She has short hair from the front
But long hair from the back
... She just needs mustache
...And a truck to drive :)
Can't wait to share our girls day with you tomorrow

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

(Image 1 from Better Homes and Garden; Images 2 & 4; Victoria Magazine; Images 3 & 5 from Country Living)

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