Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thinking Of....Old Doors

Looking at Rachel Ashwell's blog today
Made me want to get more old doors from my neighbor

When I got 2 doors for $20
It looked like this

(Excuse my mess...I had multiple projects going on..)
Unfinished wooden door
That didn't even have a hole for door knob

My lovely neighbor sells all kinds of old doors from home
I am guessing she must be working for a construction company
She has about 20~30 old doors and windows
With wood flames at all time

Someday when we buy a home
I know I will be visiting her
To buy many old french doors and windows
To make a sun room

I added a mirror and appliques to the old door I got
And layers and layers of paint
To make our small cottage look bigger

But looking at Rachel's old doors
Made me want to make a room divider (screens)
With old doors

I just wish I didn't have so many obstacles
Like three lovely young children who love to do hide and seek :)
And a dog
And earthquakes

Happy Wednesday!

Do you have any ongoing project?

(Image on top from

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