Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lost Treasure

Do you remember your stuffed animal or a toy you loved when you were a child?
Or a music that brings out a lot of memories?
I found pictures of my girls few years back that brought out a lot of memories
I took them during a trip to Japan

The trip had a special meaning for me
Because one of our children didn't come out of my tummy
She came out of my sister's tummy

And with all the twist and turns
She became our baby
And came to the US as a year old
But the baby had difficult time adjusting

So she had terrible one
And terrible two
And terrible three
And terrible four

And I started questioning myself as a mother
And a person

Part of me knew
She was longing to go back

But I knew
She has no family to go back to anymore

So I couldn't visit my family for a long time
And finally, we did a few years ago
I met her as a day old newborn
And by then she had lost her mother already
So she had to go through many caretakers
Until she joined our family

She didn't come out of my tummy
But I did go through very difficult labor for her
Which took me several years
To become her mother

So I am thankful
To just be
A mom

What are you thankful for?
Happy Wednesday and stay warm!


  1. I teared a little. Your entry makes me think my life deeply, because I'm getting a fertility treatment now.
    I feel from your blog that your deep love turns to your child, so you must be a wonderful mother !

  2. I just had to leave a comment, since your post made me cry. You are doing a great thing. Good luck with everything......*sending good thoughts*