Sunday, November 22, 2009


We have been having warm weather
So when we set out to have a picnic
And take some pictures for Christmas cards
There was no way I could dress our girls in layered clothes
They might do it if they were professional models
And getting paid
But they are not
So I ended up dressing them in summer clothes
Paired with winter accessories
And red cheeks for being too hot
It has been too warm
We don't even have golden leaves...
They are all leafy with really green leaves...
For our Christmas pictures...
And when it takes 30 minutes to get there
Little one is sleeping happily in her seat
And she won't be running like those two
She will either be held for pictures
If I put her on the ground
She will hang on
To Chloe's hat
And circle around
To make a point

So we'll go again next week
Hoping it gets a little cooler
So they don't have to dress in summer clothes for our Christmas cards :)

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