Monday, November 9, 2009

Looking For A Small Christmas Tree

I was looking for a small white Christmas tree during the weekend
I don't feel like having a big green Christmas tree this year
I want something simple
So I went to many stores to look for a small tree
And ended up buying a lot of things
....but a Christmas tree :(
But I am deciding on what to give for our girls for Christmas
I am making a matching aprons for them and for their dolls
So that they can start learning how to cook
So someday we can all be in a same kitchen
Cooking together

I can just picture
Me as a boss of the kitchen
And them three as disgruntle workers :)
And I will make blankets for their dolls, too

Because I've been questioning
About the amount of toys they have

My lovely husband thinks there is nothing wrong
With three gigantic mountains of gifts on Christmas day
And when I say gigantic

But I am the one who takes them to donate a few months later
And it makes me feel like
I'm failing
...In teaching them something very important in life

I need to go
Because Lauren is playing in the bathroom
And I have bad feeling about
What she is playing with

Happy Monday!!
And stay warm :)


  1. I love the idea of matching aprons for your girls and their dolls! So sweet...

    :) T

  2. So sweet dolls and so lovely things you made for your little girls...:)

    Hug from helena