Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Thrift Friday

Hello Friday :)
Happy thrift Friday :)
I went to Salvation Army sale today
Even thrift stores have sale day
Like everything 40%off sale day :)
And no sales tax ;)
So I got this thermos big enough for our family of five
For $1.50 :)
And those candle stands for 98 cents each :)

Yes, I have gazillions of candle holders
According to my husband
But life without candles...
I just don't know how I can make dinner time special without them
And a quiet winter night...
Can be so special with good books, warm blanket, candles and some sweets

That is the reason why
I ran to Trader Joe's last night
And bought 4 boxes of chocolate

I had 6 in the basket
Until I was questioned by that someone
"Aren't you going to eat them all ?"

...I was

But I am trying to be better
So I thought eating 6 boxes of chocolate
Won't be that great
...4 will do

So we'll curl up with books tonight
Because we are a family of bookworms
That loves wine and sweets
And quiet Friday night :)

What's your Friday night like?
Wish you a warm and special night...

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